About Us


We're just a casual group enjoying exercise, the outdoors, adventure, and companionship. New friends are always welcome.  There are no sponsors, meetings, or dues. And we try not to be any more serious than absolutely necessary. 


Most of us live on Long Island, New York. And most of our trips are on Long Island, although sometimes we drive to other places and combine bike riding with other tourist activities.


This "bike group" began in 1981 amongst a group of friends while standing around in a smoky bar, when the person who would eventually become known to his fellow bikers as "Trail Boss" remarked, "there must be something else that we can do together besides standing around in a smoky bar". Trail Boss had fond memories of bike riding from his not-too-distant youth, and suggested this to his friends. The response was positive, even though most of the group had not been on a bike for over 15 years.


When the first trip was planned, and the group was told that the ride would be 9 miles, the response was somewhat less than positive. Many doubted that they could ride a bike that far. But Trail Boss reassured the group that they could go the distance. The ride was completed, and everyone was amazed that they were not exhausted. They realized that this was fun.

Most of us ride more than 9 miles these days, but the most important thing is that we enjoy ourselves. We're not a "serious" group, and always welcome new members of all skill levels.



Q: How big is the group?

A: It varies from ride to ride.  If I had to give it a number, I might say 6 to 16 on average.  See photos here.


Q: How often do you ride?

A: See our schedule here.


Q: What is the average mileage of your rides?

A: We usually do between 17 and 30 miles.  Some rides may offer shortcuts.  See trip info here.


Q: How fast do you ride?

A: It depends on who's there.  We don't have groups like some other clubs.  We try to watch out for slower riders, if practical.


Q: Charity events?

A: We don't participate in charity events, and I don't forward requests for donations to our email list. 


Q: If I join the email list, will you share my email address with anyone? 

A: No.  I also filter out junk from spammers.  Things you'll never see include sales of motorcycle parts and tattoos. 




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