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New 4 1/2 Mile Bike Path At Jones Beach (June 2018)

Bicycle Trails On Long Island (May 2018)

2017 Bicyclist Safety Report

Join The Pack (May 2014)

Bicycling Safety Comments (August 2013)

Boating & Biking (July 2012)
Mansion Ride
(cue sheet)

Why Wear A Helmet (Nov. 2011)

BALI Survey (Jan. 2011)

How To Drive Around Cyclists (June 2010)

ExploreTV: North Fork Winery Bike Tour (11/21/09)

Countdown Clock Controversy Conclusion (5/8/08)

Reading the Weather (weather.com 7/18/08)

How To Behave On A Bike

Bicycles and Traffic Laws

Performance Bicycle "How TO" Guide

Keep Your Ears Clear When Riding 

MY TURN: Running to join the club of life (Bill Egan) (10/20/07)

Tour de Shelter Island (7/22/07)

Top 10 Worst Cities for Bicycle Theft in 2006

Let's "Pass" On Wave-Throughs

Ken Kindler - Back to his nature (Newsday May 2, 2004)

Bikers Must Obey The Law (Suffolk Life, July 11, 2007)


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