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There are 2 parts to joining our group:  (1) Getting on the email list, and (2) Completing a sign-up form, if you plan to ride with us. 


(1) Getting on the email list. 

Big change:  Email communication was formerly done through the Yahoo Group. There are big changes coming to Yahoo.  So, we're going to move our email over to groups.io.  This is completely new to me, and will probably involve some glitches. 


To Subscribe to our groups.io email list, please enter your email address in the box on the home page. 
Your address will not be given out, and I will stop any messages that I consider spam or inappropriate from being sent to the group by others.  You only need to do this once, and you will remain on the list until you unsubscribe.  To change your email address, add your new email address as explained above, then unsubscribe the old email address using a link on any email from the group. 

(2) Completing a release form; a new form each year.

A new sign-up form is requested each year for each person.  Previous year forms are discarded on December 31st.  Doing this in advance will avoid delays on the morning of a ride.

As of 2011, you can complete a release form online here:   


If you prefer to use a paper form, you can obtain a form as a PDF file here.  The form may be mailed to Trail Boss at the address on the form, or hand-delivered at any time.  (Note:  to retrieve the form as a PDF file, you'll need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  By now, most do, but if you don't, you can download it here:  Adobe Reader download)





This group took its’ first ride in 1981. A lot has changed over these years, but the reasons for planning another year remain the same.

Maybe you’ve been with us for so long that you feel like part of a family. Well, you are. You’ve gotten to know some of the others so well, and you’ve shared in some of the happy and not-so-happy moments in our lives. You’ve joined us for rides whenever your schedule and your inclination have allowed that to happen. You know not to explain why you couldn’t make the last ride. You’ve spent some weekends with us in other cities. You’ve made some new friends. You’ve been to places that you didn’t know existed. You’ve seen some of our loved ones come and go, in the various ways they have of doing that. You’ve gotten together for events that were not in our schedule. Hopefully, you’ve been with us for a few of those days when someone said, “it doesn’t get any better than this!” I hope for those days to just keep on happening.

Maybe you’ve just joined us recently, and even feel like the “new kid on the block”. Maybe you’re not sure about something as serious as a “bike club” (which we’re not). Maybe you’re worried about whether you can “keep up”. I’m glad you decided to check us out. I hope that you’ll find fun rides and new friends, just like many of the old-timers have. I hope that you’ll find us to be not very serious at all. And I hope that someday you’ll relate more to the previous paragraph than this one.

Those who have been with us in prior years will recognize most of the trips on the attached schedule. The formula is this: Same Trip + New People + New Day + ? = New Experience. What does the question mark stand for? We’ll find out when it happens.

Most of our communication now is via Email, the Bike Around Long Island website, and the Bike Around Long Island groups.io Group.

If you want to stay in touch this year, I am asking you to sign a release form with current information. This form could help us both if you do get hurt. It tells me whom to call if you can’t drive home (it has happened), and it might help in obtaining medical care (that’s happened, too). Of course the form also helps me to keep my records up to date.

When this year ends, I hope we’ll all be old-timers, and that we’ll have some new fond memories.

Regards, George.

Please visit the website at: http://www.bikearoundlongisland.com
Online Group: bikearoundlongisland@groups.io   
Email me at: gjwbiker@optonline.net
Call me at 631-499-3953.

Contact Trail Boss: