4/28/2012 - Bethpage to Jones Beach



  • Lou
  • Ron
  • Ann Marie
  • Marty
  • John
  • Barbara
  • Phyllis
  • George
  • Faith
  • Tom
  • Bob
Phyllis in color!!
I can find Phyllis now!
Trail boss George setting new land speed records today!
John bikes to the beach, almost a first! And Tom isn't working on Saturdays :-)
John and Bob, yellow and blue!
It's the salmon ladies, Phyllis and Barbara.
Marty, always smiling (probably because he's laughing at his own jokes). He is a very funny man!
Hey Lou! Under the black exterior lies a shirt of blue.
And here is yours truly, Faith. What a glorious day for a bike ride.
Annmarie, our best road monitor .
Yes, that's Barbara and Marty, with 2 beers transported by bike all the way to Jones Beach. After all, lunch isn't complete without a beer!
Never drink and drive. But no one said anything about drinking and biking (well, maybe someone did).
That's Barbara heading back on the path to find Marty, thinking he's lost or in trouble. He actually passed her and was in the men's room. But Tom saved the day and found Barbara and brought her back to join Marty and the gang. A good time was had by all! Thank you George for another successful BALI adventure.