5/14/2011 - Shelter Island


Leaving Greenport
  • Ann Marie
  • Dennis
  • Donna
  • Barbara
  • Deryck
  • Bill
  • Ron
  • Mike
  • George
  • John
  • Lou
I've ridden past this nearly 30 times over as many years, and never saw it.  It's attached to a small cement wall on the side of a road.  Trivia question:  What part of Shelter Island are your approaching when you see this?
Just when things are going smoothly, some turkey has to fowl things up.  (Groan). 
After stopping cars, bikes, and pedestrians while this big bird waddled around on the road, he finally got to the west side.  He seemed rather grumpy, but all the people around were very good, waiting patiently.
Then, he turned around and headed back into the road.  A couple of us rushed him on to the east side, and a motorist warned us not to get too close.  Maybe this bird has a reputation amongst the locals.    When he was off the road, we continued with our ride. 
Trail Boss is experimenting with his remote control handlebar-mounted camera.  The remaing photos were taken with that camera, and are not very good quality.  There is also video "footage" which will be reviewed and possibly displayed elsewhere.