Montauk - 6/9/07 (Includes some pre-ride photos)


Old military bunker in the fog at Shadmoor State Park.
The ocean is about 100 feet below.
Danger, Keep Back?  That bike doesn't look like it could hurt anyone.
Former military bunker.
Another bunker.  It's all cement, but it was made to look like a house when viewed from the ocean by enemy submarines.
Does anyone remember The Fickle Finger Of Fate?
  • George
  • Christine
  • Mike
  • Donna

The ride was postponed from Saturday to Sunday (note the puddle in the background).

Christine & George.  The sign says it all.  Hey, we forgot to get a picture of the lighthouse.  (See last year's photos).
Lake Montauk - actually not a lake, but the harbor where the fishing boats live when they aren't catching fish.
Tourist Central (Gosman's Dock).
Donna & Mike