Lancaster, PA - 9/9/2006

Prepare to ride.
George, Barbara, Donna, Mike (plus Cameraman Bill - not shown).
  • Mike
  • Donna
  • George
  • Bill
  • Barbara

These were taken at Bubes Brewery that night.

The following photos were taken during the "Ghost Tour" of the brewery.
Grandpa Bube.
Stairway to the cave.
Awaiting table service inside the cave.
Same stairway, looking up.
A spooky flame on the rocks.
Is that candlestick levitating?
Shaft to nowhere.
Dining for those who want not a glass or mug or pitcher of beer, but their own barrel.
Our Ghost Tour guide - a direct descendant of Grandpa Bube.
Can you see the "orb" floating above the table?
This room is for rent.
Outside Bube's at night.