5-Boro Bike Tour - 5/7/2006

Marshal teams assemble at Battery Park...5AM...

...will not return to Battery Park until 6:30 PM
The line forms.
Sarah & George

Sarah & George

Sarah, George, George

We're off!!!
From the 59th Street Bridge.
Donna, in Astoria Park.
John Chiarella, running The Pulaski Bridge Marshal teams
on the BQE at Rapelye Street
Mike - just before the Verrazano Bridge.
Photo Contest Runner Up
John Logerfo, Bethpage, New York
He photographed the riders up against the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which he called "the mighty Goliath."
On the ferry - headed back to Battery Park.

It's ferry crowded.



This building is just across from the ferry terminal, and was striking with the reflections of the sky.  (I know you're waiting for a joke here, but there is none).  When I got home and looked at the picture, I noticed the small brick building with the white steeple, which probably goes way back in New York history.  The contrast between the age and size of the 2 buildings really marks the passage of time. 
Julie, Vic.
Lloyd, Jeff, Bob.
Sue, Sandy.
That's Lou, taking in the sights at Jeremy's.
This place really has a special ambience that only sweaty bikers can appreciate.
Sarah & George.
This guy is a biker, of sorts.
He's on a unicycle, juggling an apple, a sword, and a flaming torch.
Some pictures just can't be captioned.
George & Sarah