Saturday's ride at the W&OD Rail Trail.
A moment for reflection.
Ann Marie and Tom.
Mike and Donna
Ann Marie, Mike, Donna, Christine
Tom, Ann Marie, Mike, Donna, Christine, George.
Ann Marie and Tom
Christine was moving so fast, the camera almost missed her.
Mike looks happy.
A thumbs-up from Donna.
It's Sunday, and we're on our way to DC. We stopped to watch the planes, and saw something really different. This boat actually has wheels, and rolls right up on land.
The traditional underside-of-the-plane photo, as it takes off.
Can't you just hear them saying, "Wow"? Maybe not - that jet was very loud.
George and Christine at the Lincoln Memorial.
Cheryl and Steve were there, too.
The relatively new Korean War Memorial.
How true this is.
This was etched in marble at the Korean War Memorial.
You all know this place.
Entertainment on Pennsylvania Avenue.
These are not winning Lotto tickets. If you wanted food, you had to figure out what you wanted, how many tickets it would cost, go to the ticket line, buy tickets in multiples of 5, take the tickets to the food line, eat the food, and bring home the extra tickets that you didn't use, as a souvenir (sorry, no refunds on unused tickets). Ahhh, for simpler times. At least we got a laugh out of it.
This is a very old lighthouse on the Potomac, just south of Alexandria.