Top 10 Worst Cities for Bicycle Theft

Kryptonite, the bicycle lock company, has announced its Top 10 Worst Cities for Bike Theft in 2006. Kryptonite uses its own data to create the list. This is the eighth time the company has published the list, which is compiled by theft data that Kryptonite has accumulated over three decades. With the latest FBI Uniform Crime Report (2004) showing a property crime every 3.1 seconds, Kryptonite warns cyclists everywhere to always lock their bicycle when not in use especially in the following areas:
Top 10 Worst Cities for Bike Theft
1.  New York, N.Y.
2.  San Francisco, Calif.
3.  Chicago, Ill.
4.  Washington, D.C.
5.  Boston, Mass.
6.  Eugene, Ore.
7.  Philadelphia, Pa.
8.  Oakland, CA
9.  Seattle, WA
10. Miami, FL