Survey Results – January 2011


Question 1:  Would you like to make the picnic an annual event?

Yes – 21

No - 1


Question 3:  Are you aware that club apparel is available from the home page of our website?

Yes – 13

No - 9


Question 4:  The Montauk ride has been initially set up for 6/11. This conflicts with the Tour de Cure on 6/11 and the Mansion Ride on 6/12. If I were able to move Montauk to the weekend of 6/4, that would conflict with the Bike Boat Bike on 6/4 and The Nassau to Suffolk Bicycle Challenge on 6/5. Which weekend would you prefer for Montauk?

6/4 – 7

6/11 - 11


Question 2:  “Do you have suggestions for 2011?”


No, but I hope to make it this time!! ;-) Beach close by is always fun because if it’s hot, we can go for a swim!


Let’s just have fun!!!!


Push for Bike Lanes along Northern Boulevard (25A), in Nassau County.


Heckscher State Park was very nice last year, so I suggest we go there again. Another possibility is Cedar Creek park; there would be no charge for parking; would we need to reserve an area with benches and grills ahead of time?




Add more beginner friendly rides at a pace of 10 to 13 mph on flats (faster and slower for hills of course) and of lengths between 8 and 20 miles.


Ride more and talk less; otherwise, the group is PURRFECT!!!


Shelter Island ride in warmer weather
More Jones Beach Rides
Start at 9:30


I liked your idea of a Washington trip. I think introducing some new trips would be helpful.


Perhaps a Block Island overnight scheduled for off season (not July or August) or possibly two nights during the week (for all us retirees!).


Sundays....I miss you all


Bring our bikes for a little ride around the park


How about some rides with additional mileage for those who wish? Some of the hikes I have been looking at have options, e.g. 6 to 10 miles, you can turn off at 6 if you want to.
I would like to ride with folks at the picnic or before.


I'm not sure I can make either weekend, so I'll wait for group opinion. Will check out the apparel - I had known there was a t-shirt possibility, but that's it!