MY TURN: Running to join the club of life

Bill Egan

October 20, 2007

Regarding "Joining the club" (Oct. 13), upon moving back to Long Island after many years away, single and not really knowing many people except for family, I looked for things to do.

Being a recreational jogger, I found a running club to join ... then another, and another. It's rewarding to coach in a club for developmentally handicapped children. I joined a bike club, too.

I was always one of the slowest in the pack. But that's not my point. Nobody cares how fast or big or cute you are ... just who you are. Including my wife, Barbara. We met at a race.

I mostly volunteer at these event nowadays, as my knee is shot. It's rewarding and I have made many, many friends at these events.

You don't have to run fast to get to the finish line. Just have fun doing it.

Bill Egan,